Warning Zombies Ahead

For anyone who doesn’t recall the driver’s ed section on avoiding undead life forms, you might want to steer clear of South Carolina for a few days.

“Zombies Ahead,” “Watch for Hunters” and “Be Alert for Tanks” are the three warnings that drivers on Lancaster County’s S.C. 160 recently encountered from two seemingly tampered with electronic road signs, the Rock Hill Herald reports.

The pair of highway signs, contracted through construction company CR Jackson, were intended to alert drivers of upcoming night road paving scheduled to begin March 27.

Zombies Ahead
South Carolina drivers didn’t expect to enter the Twilight Zone while traveling on S.C. 160.

Since the errant messages were discovered shortly after 4 a.m. Sunday, they have become a sort of mystery to Department of Transportation officials.

“It wasn’t obvious that someone broke into it,” said Jason Johnston, a DOT district construction engineer. “It’s not our board, so we can’t program. We can’t look at the records to see what happened. And we don’t know if it was left unlocked.”

Ken Wilson, resident construction engineer for the state’s Lancaster County DOT, told The Herald that someone would need to be physically present at the sign in order to tamper with it.

“It’s my understanding that they would need a key to get into the box and a certain code to change the wording,” Wilson said.

Wilson added that as far as mischief goes, a night of the living dead isn’t all that bad.

“The message could have been a lot worse than it was,” he said. “In my opinion, it was a prank. They could have put something more sinister, something causing more panic.”

The construction company did not contact authorities and plans to address the matter internally.

A number of YouTube videos, including the one below, appear to show signs of a zombie presence.

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