For Employees: Facebook = Free Speech

A federal agency has declared Facebook posts are legally protected speech, even for employees who write negative things about their employers.

In a lawsuit that probably won’t sit well with most employers trying to enforce social media policies, the National Labor Relations Board said that a recent Facebook()-related termination was unlawful.

The employee in question, Dawnmarie Souza, used some vulgar language to deride her boss on Facebook when he denied one of her requests. Several of Souza’s co-workers joined in on the thread, also making negative comments about the supervisor. Souza made these comments on her own time and on her own computer.

An NLRB representative told The New York Times that company social media policies that prohibit making negative remarks about one’s boss or company online are actually in violation of labor laws that protect employees’ right to talk about things like wages and working conditions.

via Mashable

Cloud Nine Power Talk

C9 Power Talk is a segment in the show that is allowing you to participate throughout the week in choosing topics for the Sunday show! Please post any daily links to our Facebook page for consideration. This is your show, I want you to be a part of it!

All Power Talk topics will be discussed on the show live with our co-host or guests. Afterwards we will take live callers. Live chat will be open from the beginning of the show. I have a special co-host for our first show in addition to providing “no willpower” coaching tips, he will be bringing additional entertainment value. Stay tuned, C9 Mike.

So how do I become a guest?

Becoming a guest is as easy as having a topic to talk about, and having a telephone. We stay connected all of the time. Facebook, Twitter, and hundreds of other sites have revolutionized our interaction with each other. 20 years ago, we didn’t have this. You have a voice now, and thousands of listeners are a phone call away. Now is your time.

There are several ways you can contact me, Toll Free: 888 697-6957, Twitter: @cloudninetalk, FB Page: Cloud Nine Talk, or email:

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